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Helping Hands

Helping Hands is one of our projects providing emergency aid to individuals and families in desperate and/or immediate need. Helping Hands provides primarily household goods which are tailored to the individual circumstances of the people seeking help and can sometimes consist of non-perishable food, but more often than not, household goods such as cleaning products, sanitary protection, toilet rolls, kettles, bedding and sometimes specific items of clothing. This project operates out of our rented space in St Clare’s Church in Newton Aycliffe - however we provide support through this project to many families through out County Durham. 

The project has been a great help to many people and those who have been supported by the Helping Hands project sometimes go on to volunteer for the charity.  We feel that this is testament to the fact that the project was helpful, supportive and enabled people to make life changing decisions.

If you are struggling at the moment why not contact us so that we can make an appointment for you. If you need a ‘Helping Hand.’ please telephone: 07936 431262 or email us at officelifelinecommunityaction@gmail.com. 

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