Aycliffe Charity Gives a Helping Hand

I want to encourage anyone who is struggling with debt, or have financial worries to call the ‘Helping Hands Project.’ as they have supported and encouraged us towards a better future.

My husband and I struggled with money and our debt was mounting. We both work but our wages were not covering what was needed to cover the bills.

A good friend suggested we phoned the ‘Helping Hands Project.’ I called and an appointment was made for us within a very short period of time. Alwyn and Malcolm visited us and we didn’t need to feel nervous.

We weren’t judged or looked down upon – these friendly, genuine people came in wanting to help and support us. A heavy weight was lifted as they gave us hope for the future.

They gave us a box of food and household items which made such a difference. This freed up money to pay the most important bills and to buy school shoes.

Now new friends have been made as they invited us to social events which were such fun. They truly care about us and it’s wonderful that the project can help people like us.

Camilla Shergold